Manufacturing The Future: 10 Trends To Come In 3D Printing – Forbes

  • 3D printing becomes industrial strength. “the number of 3D printed parts in planes, cars and even appliances will increase without you knowing.”
  • 3D printing starts saving lives. “3D printing allows products to be custom-matched to an exact body shape [and] could one day enable custom medicines and reduce if not eliminate the organ donor shortage.”
  • Customization becomes the norm. “This may range from novelty items like custom smartphone cases or ergonomic improvements to standard tools, but it will rapidly expand to new markets.”
  • Product innovation is faster. “Allows designers to focus on the function of products [and] the result will be better products, designed faster.”
  • New companies develop innovative business models built on 3D printing. “3D printing will spawn new and creative business models.”
  • 3D print shops open at the mall. “retailers begin to ship the design, not the product.”
  • Heated debates on who owns the rights emerge. “there will be high-profile test cases over the intellectual property of physical object designs.”
  • New products with magical properties will tantalize us. “New products – that can only be created on 3D printers – will combine new materials, nano scale and printed electronics to exhibit features that seem magical compared to today’s manufactured products.”
  • New machines grace the factory floor. “Expect to see 3D printing machines appearing in factories.”
  • “Look what I made!” Your children will become digitally literate.

via Manufacturing The Future: 10 Trends To Come In 3D Printing – Forbes.

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