The Key Spoke is the first and most important spoke laced in a wheel.

To us, these spokes represent applied knowledge. They link the discipline that constitutes our core with the service functions distributed through the service cycle.

At Key-Spoke, we help our clients create successful and adaptive businesses through the leveraging of information technology. We believe that the deployment of Information Technology should be done in a responsible and sustainable manner, and that this is the right approach both operationally and commercially.

Key-Spoke operates according to to the following philosophy:

Generosity –  We are committed to our customers in a genuine and proactive manner. We are here to help before you need help.

Expertise – We bring the right competencies to play, in the areas of value to you.

Trustworthiness –  We are true to our words and actions. We understand that we all operate in a world in which words and actions are increasingly subject to scrutiny.

Clarity We communicate effectively. We are here to understand your needs and articulate them.

Open-mindedness – We are always open to learning. We will strive to offer a complete solution, and will adapt when this not the case.

Adaptability – We will remain flexible. We will seek to anticipate and pre-empt the path forward.

PresenceWe will always work as part of your team. We will learn from the past and be prepared for the future.