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TCO reductions with Big Data and Cloud Computing

  • 25th May 2013

Enterprises are well equipped to measure and manage the core transactional part of the business using structured data stored in conventional databases. However, managing the core transactional business is now merely a necessity and not sufficient to be competitive in today’s market. With every business transaction today there is as…

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Recycling Metrics for Datacenters

  • 17th May 2013

“The Green Grid, which helped popularize metrics for minimizing wasted electricity in data centers, has developed a new method for cutting down on wasted electronics as old servers and other equipment reach their inevitable retirement. The Electronics Disposal Efficiency metric is designed to help minimize electronic waste, specifically servers and other enterprise…

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Uptime drives improvements in data centre efficiency

  • 4th December 2012

The Uptime Institute Blog » Blog Archive » Important to recognize the dramatic improvement in data center efficiency. Companies are taking a number of steps to improve data center efficiency, especially related to airflow containment, increased inlet air temperature on servers, and increased monitoring of cooling. This is a positive…

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